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Turnkey Services

Mirage can provide complete development management consultancy services to our Clients for the full project lifecycle from the initiation of a project through to operational handover. Mirage’s consultancy services cover all aspects of the development process including, feasibility, design, planning, commercial and cost management, infrastructure, procurement management, construction supervision, handover process management, and project close-out services.

Mirage offers the benefit of a single source services contract to our Clients for all required design and management disciplines for the duration of a project. This arrangement provides our Clients with a single point of contact for the development and allows Mirage to drive the project in terms of product, content, programme, and budget.

Mirage’s turnkey service ensures continuity through the entire lifecycle of the project from pre-concept to handover. It ensures that all of the necessary commercial, operator, and Client requirements are addressed and included in the final product. Our track record shows that we understand how to make a vision a reality and deliver a viable and sustainable product.

Our core business is a turnkey development “one-stop-shop”, but we are able to offer a flexible service model tailored to suit the Client’s specific requirements. This flexibility is founded on our creative and disciplined approach to projects of all sizes and descriptions.


Mirage’s typical Project Development Process is summarized below:

Stage 0             Project Initiation

Stage 1             Project Inception

Stage 2             Concept Design

Stage 3             Schematic Design

Stage 4             Design Development

Stage 5             Construction Documentation

Stage 6             Main Contractor and Sub-Contractor Appointment

Stage 7(A)        Construction

Stage 7(B)        FF&E and OS&E Procurement & Installation (where applicable)

Stage 8             Project Close-Out, Operational Handover & Occupation

Development Management Services

Development management services bridge the gap between a traditional project management role and that of the Client. Mirage’s development managers act as a true extension of a Client’s organisation or capabilities and are typically heavily relied upon in the early formative stages of a project. Typical duties include the development of a documented brief, prequalification tender and award of consultants, the development of procurement and construction strategies. Other responsibilities include the identification of the need for and implementation of enterprise-wide solutions including integration of the project with a Client’s finance division, the establishment of key metrics for monitoring project performance, the establishment of programme-level solutions (when multiple simultaneous projects or project components are being contemplated), enterprise documentation management solutions and the integration of these with project processes, amongst others.

Simply put, Mirage’s development managers act as the glue between a Client and a project, facilitating timeous decision making and ensuring that the project has all the resources and inputs required for success.

Project Management Services

Mirage has established an enviable presence in the market by differentiating ourselves from mainstream project management consultancies. We don’t follow the “post-box” management style of project management, where some simply “tick boxes” to facilitate the transfer of information from point A to Point B. We pride ourselves on delivering a service that takes full ownership of the project and drives its delivery.

Our project management staff come from diverse backgrounds including Client, consultant and contractors alike, which means that we are intimately aware of the challenges that transpire on any project.

Mirage’s hands-on approach to project management commences with a detailed and pragmatic Project Execution Plan (PEP), carefully curated for each project, and based on our extremely thorough Schedule of Project Requirements (SOPR). We do not simply wrap up projects when we complete them: we dissect them and learn from each and every one, to ensure that the next is even more efficiently managed. After 25 years of building on this experience, we can offer our Clients unparalleled levels of service and attention to detail, that ensures that their time, cost and quality requirements are met.

Our project management teams are carefully resourced to suit each project, and our team members involve themselves in every aspect of the project. This includes delving into the relationships between main contractors and their sub-contractors, to satisfy ourselves that optimum levels of coordination are being followed. The same approach is employed in managing consultants, to ensure that scope gaps are minimised and eradicated.

Our site management teams are comprised of specialists in every aspect and discipline of the project and the construction process and are deeply knowledgeable in every facet thereof. Our projects are tracked in detail and reported against in terms of risk, opportunity, technical and commercial considerations. Our style of reporting is to avoid unnecessary detail and to present exactly what is needed for effective decision making and in order to maintain an auditable and comprehensive record of events and facts. 

Mirage always maintains focus on the critical path, and we monitor that all contributors to this path are streamlined, and obstacles eradicated or dealt with in the most appropriate and suitable manner, in order to meet the Client’s expectations. We deploy a set of robust project controls that monitor progress on all workfronts and identify and divergences from expectations early, so as to allow corrective action in a proactive manner.

Quantity Surveying and Cost Management Services

Mirage has a long track record of self-performed Quantity Surveying and Cost Management services.

Our cost management team is led by Yashmeer Mothilall, who brings extensive commercial experience in various sectors both locally and internationally. He has been a registered Professional Quantity Surveyor with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the South African Council for the Quantity Surveying Professionals (SACQSP) since 2009. Yash has a total of 18 years of quantity surveying and cost management experience of which 15 years have been in the Middle East region.

Quantity Surveying and Cost Management Services Overview

  • From the initial project kick-off, we provide input into the project feasibility: this entails reviewing budgets and providing a Rough Order of Magnitude from the pre-concept information.
  • During the subsequent design stages: concept, schematic and detailed design, cost estimating is undertaken via a detailed cost plan which is used as a framework to monitor project budget against the current design information.
  • Accurately capturing the estimated cost ensures the project’s viability and avoids lengthy delays due to budget overruns.
  • During the tender stage, we provide the Bills of Quantities with a pre-tender estimate and packaging the full tender documents for issuance to the market.
  • Once the tender is closed, we provide a detailed analysis and a recommendation report for the Client’s selection of the contractor.
  • Upon contract signing and the start of work on site, we continue the cost management role by evaluating the contractor’s payment application, variation orders, and insurances.
  • Post contract duties generally include monthly cost reporting to monitor the budget closely.
  • Final account at project close-out and other services during the defects liability period conclude the services.

Architectural Consultancy Services

As part of our Client-facing Development Management services, we also offer dedicated architectural design and design management services. Our in-house architectural services have long helped shape a multitude of resorts and hotels across the Middle East, Africa and beyond. We assist Clients, operators and designers meet their functional requirements as well as provide the aesthetic and contextual parameters necessary for successful luxury resorts.

Site Supervision Services

Guiding a project off the design board and into reality comes with significant and unique challenges. Each project is unique and requires a curated approach. Our site supervision teams draw on the experience of over 20 years of solid and proven fundamentals.

Upon completion of our site supervision remit, we closely examine each project to take away potential improvements, opportunities and document how things can be done better, smarter. These observations along with our extensive know-how germinated into a new supervision business for Mirage, one which meshes seamlessly into our proven management processes and serves to symbiotically service the project whilst affording our clients a cost-averaging opportunity. We ensure resources are not duplicated and wherever possible, utilised across multiple but similar roles. This provides our Clients with opportunities to achieve value for money and obtain a dynamic and integrated team that is completely immersed in the project and fully synchronised on every level to the metrics embedded in our systems.

Proven project management techniques have been incorporated into our supervision teams to further enhance and provide detailed checkpoints at every instance, thereby ensuring full compliance with the design and performance specifications of every project. Teams are kept lean but never at the expense of performance, and detailed KPIs keep the teams motivated and fully auditable ensuring complete customer confidence. The Mirage teams spans all disciplines of the construction field with safety being always paramount.

Outdated, bureaucratic formulas and systems have been replaced by dynamic processes that allow the projects room to breathe and to move forward in the face of constant change, whilst ensuring that the critical commercial elements are always kept firmly in check. With Mirage site supervision on board, you can be assured that contractors will always be aware that top-shelf professionals will constantly keep them in check, in a collaborative but firm manner, leaving no room for error or subjectivity.
Mirage brings to site supervision complete Client confidence that our development and project management businesses have built their enviable reputation on, whilst at the same time, saving our Clients valuable time and money.

Client Representative Services

In addition to performing the overall leadership role for a typical project, Mirage has also successfully delivered projects by fulfilling the role of Client Representative where required. This has been achieved through the strong relationships with our existing client base allowing our staff to establish themselves within client organisations and fulfilling the necessary management and delivery functions of that organsation. Examples of the functions fulfilled by a Client Representative include the following;

  • Support with feasibility studies for proposed projects or programmes.
  • Development and implementation of project/programme-specific change control procedures.
  • Development and implementation of project/programme-specific commercial procedures.
  • Development and implementation of project/programme-specific procurement procedures.
  • Development and implementation of project/programme-specific reporting templates and cycles.
  • Establishment of KPIs in order to monitor project and programme performance.
  • Stakeholder engagement and management at all stages of the project/programme lifecycle (including the design, tender, construction and operation stages).


By capitalising on the wealth of experience of Mirage and specifically our development management and project management track record, fulfilling the role of Client Representative is a logical extension of our existing services.

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